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October 7, 2020 – VII International and Practical Conference “Health Technology Assessment: Adoption of innovations into the Program of State Guarantees of free medical care and Compulsory Health Insurance System”

The conference is being held on the initiative of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Control of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation  with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, Federal Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, Health Technology Assessment Association and National Center for Health Technology Assessment.

Nowadays healthcare is one of the most innovative fields in social sector. New pharmaceutical products, medical devices and technologies emerge annually, they contribute to better medical care, quality of life improvement and making medical care more available for patients.

In Russian healthcare system adoption of innovative treatment methods is fairly slow since it often requires reevaluation of not only treatment organization process but also substantial volume of regulatory documents.

Russian valid medical care financing system by means of the State Guarantees Program of free medical care cannot always adequately and promptly react to emerging innovations and does not provide enough economic incentives for introducing innovations in medical practice.

Current approaches for normalizing financial and volume indicators of provided medical care do not incentivize medical organizations to implement innovations into treatment nor to organization processes.

Consequently, it is appropriate to develop unified mechanisms for financial stimulation of medical organizations within the State Guarantees Program that would encourage fair and explicit implementation of innovations in healthcare.

Considering the aforesaid, this conference will be held with the aim to explore approaches for introducing and financing innovations and also increasing effectiveness of public costs on innovative health technologies.


  • Chiefs of specialized departments, committees and Federal Executive and Constituent authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • Representatives of the Federal and Regional Funds of Compulsory Health Insurance;
  • representatives of scientific expert communities, members of medical universities;
  • Skolkovo Foundation;
  • World Health Organization;
  • World Bank;
  • Representatives of pharmaceutical industry, insurance and venture companies;
  • representatives of international HTA agencies and leading experts in HTA;

Topics to be discussed:

  • Ways for improving State Guarantees Program and Compulsory Health Insurance systems;
  • World practice of developing national healthcare programs;
  • Approaches to innovations financing in Europe;
  • Enhancement of effectiveness of outpatient care in the frames of national healthcare programs;
  • Quality control and Value-Based Healthcare (VBH, BP, P4P);
  • Adoption of innovations into healthcare system (drugs, medical devices, advanced technologies, organizing technologies);

A list of proposals for adoption of innovative health technologies in healthcare system and further HTA system development in the Russian Federation is planned to be compiled at the end of the conference.