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ISPOR was established in 1995 and is a leading society for policy, scientific and practical aspects of health economics and outcomes research. As of today, ISPOR members represent 114 countries. For over 20 years the society has been a leading international organization specializing in education, collaboration and publication areas as well as providing a venue to discuss issues related to health technology assessment. ISPOR conducts annual conferences all over the world.

There are four operating ISPOR Regional Chapters in the Russian Federation: Russia Chapter, Russia HTA Chapter, Russia St. Petersburg Chapter and Russia Far East Chapter. Russia HTA Chapter was established on April 25, 2011 on the initiative of ISPOR. This Chapter has proved to be the most efficient among others in relation to the level and relevance of the scientific and educational events. Currently, the Chapter comprises 200 members: representatives of research and medical centers, medical community, clinical pharmacologists, pharmacists, health economics specialists and federal and regional health authorities.

Russia HTA Chapter’s President is Professor Vitaly Omelyanovskiy.

Russia HTA Chapter’s Executive Director is Georgiy Khachatryan.

The Board of the ISPOR Russia HTA Chapter is a permanent member of annual ISPOR Panel Session on HTA as well as members of the ISPOR Executive Committee of Central and Eastern Europe.

The main objective of the ISPOR Russia HTA Chapter is the research of the international and national experience in development and improvement of comprehensive HTA methodology based on principles of value-based medicine and economic evaluations. Implementation of innovations in HTA in Russia will increase medical care quality and effectiveness of the health care system in general.

The Chapter’s members are actively involved in the development of new and adaptation of existing approaches in HTA. They also develop program products and methodological recommendations, conduct seminars and workshops on issues related to value-based medicine and economic evaluation of medical technologies, participate in annual ISPOR congresses, international conferences and panel discussions. Results of studies carried out by the Chapter’s members are published in peer-reviewed national and foreign scientific journals. ISPOR Russia HTA Chapter is a co-organizer of many conferences held in Russia and EAEU countries on HTA and improving medical care quality.

Go to the website – https://www.ispor.org/