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The EuroQol Group comprises an international network of multidisciplinary researchers. The Group’s focus is on the development of instruments that describe and value health.

Mutual work resulted in EQ-5D – European questionnaire, which aims to measure quality of life. This questionnaire is a well-known and widely used health status instrument. It consists of 5 questions related to subjective perceptions of respondents’ current overall health (i.e., mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain/discomfort and anxiety/depression).

  • The Center for Healthcare Quality Assessment and Control of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation carried out an evaluation study of EQ-5D questionnaire in Russia with the aim to establish an EQ-5D-3L value set for the Russian population. To achieve this aim, 300 participants were interviewed in accordance with the study methodology. As a result of the study, a joint article was produced in conjunction with the EuroQol Group.

Go to the website https://euroqol.org/